When is the Release Date of Anime Norn9 Season 2?

When is the Release Date of Anime Norn9 Season 2?

When is the release date of Anime Norn9 Season 2? Many of the fans had asked, anime is a pretty cool anime.

Norn9 is actually a simulation game that is intended for women and you can play it on PSP.

This game was made in 2013 and then in May by game developer Otomate.

Then later in 2016, the multimedia franchise adapted the game into an anime series in collaboration with 2 studios.

The two studios can be famous studies, the first is the kinema citrus studio and the second is the Orange Studio.

At the beginning of its release in 2016 then apparently they got quite a lot of praise from anime lovers.

And until now the fans are still faithfully waiting for this anime to have Norn9 season 2 or not because they are curious about the storyline.

When is the Release Date of Anime Norn9 Season 2?

When is the Release Date of Anime Norn9 Season 2

Because it’s been almost 5 years this anime has not released its second season, which is very much awaited by anime dj lovers all over the world.

Norn9 itself in 2016 began to premiere in January with episodes that were given as many as 12 episodes.

This anime aired for 5 months until March 31, 2016, in the same year.

As for the two studios that produce this anime, namely studio orange and also kinema citrus, they have not provided further information about season 2.

It can also be said that anime season 2 will be difficult to produce because this anime refers to games and not manga.

Which of course this will be difficult in terms of making the story itself and making it.

This anime is very dependent on the game and also of course the game developer himself in presenting the material and also the story.

From some of the information above, we can conclude that this anime has a reason why it is not ready to be released again.

What is Orange Studio focused on right now?

As for the focus, the orange studio itself now prefers to focus on making new anime.

For example, anime Beastart season 2 and anime Godzilla singular and for studio kinema prefer to focus on making show by rock.

For fans of the Norn9 anime, if you are still curious, maybe you can try playing the game first.

Or for those who are tired of waiting for season 2 to come, you can start watching other anime first before this anime season 2 comes out.

And for those who haven’t watched the anime season 1, you can watch it on several anime portals.

The final word

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