Oregairu Season 4 : Release Date

Oregairu Season 4 : Release Date

Oregairu Season 4 Release Date – Oregairu has now reached a total of 3 seasons which have proven to be successful in attracting the interest of many people to follow the storyline. This anime managed to get a pretty good rating. After the success of the previous three seasons, will Oregairu get a continuation of season 4? Let’s review!

Previously, you need to know that Oregairu is an anime adapted from the Light Novel where the title is the same, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come Wa. An anime series was made because the Light Novel series alone has been very popular. Of course, this is a good opportunity to make an anime series.

Will Oregairu get a sequel to season 4? Is the Oregairu team preparing for the next project? Of course, this question must often cross the minds of fans because the hype for this anime is still quite high. It’s only natural that season 4 is highly anticipated.

Synopsis Anime Oregairu

Oregairu takes the background story that tells the story of a young man who has anti-social tendencies named Hikigaya Hachiman. This young man has a perspective or point of view on his own life that may be a little different from most people.

Hikigaya tends to prefer to be alone because when he was a child he got unfavorable treatment from the environment around him. His friends often bullied Hikigaya and even shunned him. This is what forms a perspective for him that it is better for him to avoid such things.

Time passed, and Hikigaya finally entered Junior High School. This is the first time Hikigaya likes or is attracted to the opposite sex. He likes girls but he can’t do much. Hikigaya couldn’t really put it into words because he never really got along with many people, was always alone. This is what makes it very difficult to get the girl he likes.

All of that immediately changed when Hikigaya was in high school. He was told to join a club where the job of this club is to help every student who needs help. The name of this Club is the Volunteer Club. Wouldn’t this be in stark contrast to Hikigaya’s anti-social personality? it is true but this is also what makes it get a change for the better.

Besides that, it was from the Volunteer Club that Hikigaya met Yukinoshita who was also a member of this club. The atmosphere when we first met was awkward but slowly the atmosphere melted and good communication began to form. Until in the end there was a beautiful girl who also joined this Club, her name was Yuigahama.

When is the Oregairu Season 4 Release Date?

Oregairu Season 4 Release Date

As we know that Anime Oregairu debuted its first season on April 5, 2014, ago with a total of 13 episodes. Continued on until June 26, 2015, for the second season to completion. Five years later, or rather in 2020, the third season began and ended on September 25, 2020.

Will Oregairu season 4 be released?  It’s likely that there will be but there are still things that their internal team must also consider. Until now, there is still no updated news regarding the continuation project for season 4. If the Light Novel still has high hype with a large total volume, of course, an anime adaptation will soon be made for the upcoming season 4.

If there is updated news regarding the exact time for the release of the anime Oregairu season 4, we will update and present it here for you. Stay patient and pray for the best so that this anime will get a continuation of the season soon!

The final word

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