Nekopara Season 2 Release Date and Information

Nekopara Season 2 Release Date and Information

When is Nekopara Season 2 Release Date? This anime has a genre, namely slice of life that can make our day more fun.

Nekopara was first published as a novel or manga and after becoming an anime, it is also planned to become a game.

Because of his success, Nekopara then received an offer to make an anime series, so it was Nekopara season 1.

The studio that facilitated Nekopara to become an anime was none other than Neko Works by investing a lot of money in it.

In addition to being an anime series, Nekopara is also available in manga form, in addition to games and novels.

Although the manga series Nekopara did not reap too much popularity, this is inversely proportional to the Anime which has more fans if we compare it to fans or players in the Nekopara game.

Maybe those of you who are reading this article are also fans of the Nekopara game or anime.

And of course really looking forward to the continuation of this Nekopara Season 2 anime, which who knows when it will be worked on and officially released.

For the novel itself, Nekopara was published in 2014 to be exact on December 30th and got a lot of readers.

In 2016, the making of Nekopara anime has also made another sequel, namely the OVA to get an additional fee.

The making of this anime OVA is also actually a source of capital to make the full version of the anime.

The income obtained when ova from Nekopara was made to make a profit of about 1 million dollars in 2017 yesterday.

The Nekopara Anime Season 1 was first released in January 2020, and this anime has a total of 12 episodes.

Airing for 3 months, Nekopara season 1 ends in March, to be exact on March 26, 2020.

After the first season is over, now many anime lovers are waiting for the excitement of this anime to return.

When is Nekopara Season 2 Release Date?

Nekopara Season 2 Release Date

And not a few also recommend to their friends about the excitement of this anime that must be watched.

For Anime Nekopara season 2 itself, there is actually no official confirmation about the making of the anime from the studio.

But we should wait for the continuation of this anime because it can be said that it is quite exciting.

And for those of you who want to know the storyline, you can read the manga first while waiting for the Nekopara Anime Season 2 to be released.

If you’re one of those people who just like watching the anime and don’t like the manga, you have to wait patiently until there’s confirmation about the official release date.

The final word

So, that was the explanation regarding the Nekopara Season 2 Release Date that Sidetek discussed. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Keep visiting to get more interesting information updates!



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