Mikey Tokyo Revengers – The Tokyo Revengers anime is one of the anime that anime fans in Indonesia have been eyeing since April 2021. Moreover, the anime features some cool characters, one of which is Mikey.

Mikey, alias Sano Manjiro, is a character who plays the leader of the Tokyo Manji gang, or commonly referred to as the Toman gang, the strongest gang in the Tokyo Revengers anime.

Who is Mikey? Sidetek will reveal some facts about Mikey’s figure after you read the following synopsis of Tokyo Revengers:

In the Tokyo Revengers anime, it is told that Mikey is targeted by the main character in the anime, named Hanagaki Takemichi, in order to cancel the death of Tachibana Hinata, Takemichi’s ex-lover.

It started when Takemichi heard the news of his ex-girlfriend’s death on television, while Takemichi was relaxing in his messy room.

One day later, Takemichi was hit by a train. In those seconds of the collision, all Takemichi was thinking about was Hinata.

However, instead of dying, Takemichi was thrown back in time 12 years after the collision.

When thrown into the past, Takemichi was able to meet Hinata.

Even though Takemichi felt it was very unreasonable, he still tried to think sanely and tried to prevent Hinata’s death because of the fight with Toman’s gang.

According to a source trusted by Takemichi, the Toman gang fight that led to Hinata’s death can be reversed by preventing a meeting between Mikey and Kisaki Tetta.

Biography of Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey Tokyo Revengers Wallpaper HD

Name: Sano Manjiro
Alias: Mikey
Date of Birth: August 20, 1990
Hair Color: Blonde
Blood Group: B
Height: 162 Cm
Status in Touman: Founder of Touman and President of Touman

Mikey Tokyo Revengers Facts

Mikey is a mysterious character in the Tokyo Revengers anime.

As reported by Sidetek from Tokyo Revengers Fandom, here are some facts about Mikey’s figure:

1. Have a Handsome Physical Appearance

Mikey is a handsome figure. He has a body that is neither too tall nor too low, blond hair and long, and brown eyes.

Besides that, Mikey also has mysterious eyes and a flat face

2. Rarely Shows His Weakness

Even though he looks strong, Mikey still has a fragile side that is not shown to others.

3. The Most Respected Leader in Toman

He is a charismatic and feared leader in Toman and is one of the strongest members of Toman.

4. Have a Melancholy Side

Even though he is a very feared figure, he still has a Melancholic side that he keeps to himself.

5. Aspires to Establish a Respectable and Cool Thug Association in Tokyo

In the afternoon, when Mikey conversed with Takemichi, Mikey told Takemichi that he wanted to create a new era in the world of thugs. He wants to make the era of gangs of thugs respected by the people of Tokyo.

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