When is Masamune-kun No Revenge Season 2 Release Date? For the first season itself, this anime presents a cheerful ending that is a little hanging.

Therefore, many fans of the anime Masamune-kun No Revenge are asking about when this anime will get season 2.

Masamune-kun No Revenge Season 2 is also much awaited because of the unsatisfactory ending in season 1.

For the time being, there is no official confirmation whether it will be made or not.

Anime Masamune-kun No Revenge Season 2
Anime Masamune-kun No Revenge Season 2

We just need to wait for the sequel and be patient for some time to come, hopefully, the Masamune-kun No Revenge anime gets a sequel, Season 2.

Movies or OVA series are actually not a problem, because they can fulfill the boredom of the fans about the love story in the anime.

For the studio that made this anime itself, Silver Link Inc.’s study. This is where this studio succeeds in making this anime well.

Many reports also mention that the Masamune-kun No Revenge Season 2 anime in the narrative content section is in the process of being made by them.

Manga from this anime has also been published in various countries in the world and there are at least about 8 manga volumes.

In the first season yesterday, this anime has adapted as many as 6 volumes, and most likely for the second season, it will adapt the remaining 2 volumes, which will be the end of this manga.

For those of you who want to know the continuation of the anime Masamune Kun in the first season, you might be able to read the manga first or you can continue it in volume 7 on the online manga site.

This anime first aired in January 2017 where the anime broadcast lasted for 3 months, namely until March 23, 2017, and for the number of episodes itself, which is about 12 episodes.

Is there an Ova series from the anime Masamune-kun No Revenge?

Apart from the previous 12 episodes, the Masamune kun anime also received an OVA series to treat the feeling of longing for fans of this anime.

You can start watching its first season 1, then continue by watching the OVA.

If you are still curious, you can read the manga or follow the discussion on various anime YouTuber’s channels.

The fact is that even though this anime has ended, sales of the manga itself are still continuing now.

We suggest that when you don’t want to get spoilers about this anime, you don’t occasionally try to read the manga or follow the fan page. Because this will reduce your excitement when watching the Masamune-kun No Revenge Season 2 anime later.

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