When is Infinite Stratos Season 3 Anime Release Date? The Infinite Stratos anime is actually a Mecha anime which refers to a light novel of the same name.

The author of the novel is Izuru Yumizuru and then it was made into an anime by a CHOCO Studio and Okiura Studio.

The light novel was first officially announced in 2009 to be exact in March.

This anime immediately had a lot of fans after the light novel was official, and after becoming an anime its popularity grew even more.

The Infinite Stratos anime itself was first released in 2011, precisely in January. Right after 2 years, his light novels began to be released to local light novel magazines and publications.

As for the first season, it seems to be an OVA series with the title IS: Infinite Stratos Encore. And officially premiered in December 2011 yesterday.

After a few months, this anime has received another adaptation, which is a continuation of the first season.

Infinite Stratos season 2 was released in October 2013, the same as the first season which was also in the form of an OVA.

The anime season 2 is titled IS: Infinite Stratos 2 World Purge and premiered in November 2014.

Since the last time this anime aired, the OVA was in 2014, fans of this anime have been waiting for Infinite Stratos Season 3.

Because fans of this anime want to know the continuation of this anime in Infinite Stratos season 3.

Even though the second season was released in 2014 and until now there is still no official news that there will be season 3

Fans seem to be waiting for the release date of Infinite Stratos season 3 because most of them also tend to be lazy to read the novel.

Is there a big chance for Infinite Stratos Season 3 to be released?

Infinite Stratos Season 3
Infinite Stratos Season 3

For the opportunity for the presence of Infinite Stratos Season 3, it also seems to be slightly reduced because until now the studio has not provided any information.

Whether it’s about the production schedule or other information related to the anime, and the author has not provided any further information.

If you really want to know the continuation of this Infinite Stratos anime, you can try reading the novel first.

So that later you will get an idea of ​​the storyline when season 3 will start releasing.

And for those of you who are tired of waiting for the release date of Infinite Stratos season 3, you can also try to move on.

By starting to watch anime with the same category and genre, because there is still much similar exciting anime.

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