Turn photos into Anime easily without drawing. You certainly know that the anime comes from the land of cherry blossoms, namely Japan. Of course anime has gone global and has succeeded in having a lot of fans, maybe even you are one of them. Well, lately people are looking for ways to turn photos into anime on Android. 

So, for those of you who are curious about an easy way to turn photos into anime, you can follow our article to the end. Yes! on this occasion we will provide an easy way and an explanation so that you can try this fun experience.

How to turn photos into Anime on Android

To be able to convert your photo into an anime version, generally people will use freelance services. Which you have to pay to get it, you can use illustrator services on various platforms including artstation, pixiv or artist n client.

  1. If you have installed the Snow application on your cellphone, then you can immediately open the Snow application.
  2. Next, you will immediately go to the main page where there is an edit menu. Just click on the menu, then you will automatically enter the main Snow page.
  3. Later you will see a row of menus like a visual editing camera usually. You just click the gallery menu at the bottom left.
  4. If so, you will be directed to the gallery on your cellphone. So, you have to prepare the photo that you want to edit into the anime version.
  5. Then if you have selected and get the photo that you want to change next, you can immediately click the sticker menu with the emoticon icon.
  6. Well, in it you will find a row of filters, so you can search for the anime filter. The way to find it is easy, you can select the cartoon filter menu, so you can find the anime filter.
  7. If you have a photo later, your photo will change to the anime version automatically as you select the menu.
  8. If you think it’s enough, you can continue by clicking the save menu at the top right of the Snow page.
  9. Done, then you have automatically succeeded in using an easy way to turn your photo into an anime version by using the Snow application.

Well, that’s a way you can do to turn your photos into anime without drawing, it’s quite easy right? good luck.

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