Dr. Stone Season 3 : Release Date and Spoiler

Dr. Stone Season 3 : Release Date and Spoiler

Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date – Dr. Stone is one of the anime that is quite popular lately. The storyline presented is quite interesting and very exciting to follow. After the success of the previous season, is Anime Dr. Stone will get the continuation of season 3? Let’s review it here to answer your curiosity.

In the previous season, it was about the struggle of Senku, Chrome, and the others in facing the Tsukasa kingdom. Senku has done a lot of crazy experiments in creating modern tools in the stone age. Senku is the main character driving the story in this anime.

After season 2 ended, the hype related to this anime is still quite high. Will Dr. Stone get a sequel to season 3? For those of you who want to know the clarity, let’s just see the full review below!

When to Release Anime Dr. Stone Season 3?

Dr. Stone Season 3

Dr. Stone Season 3

TSM Entertainment is the party working on projects related to Dr. Stone Anime. They succeeded in making this anime quite popular and had many fans. After Season 2 ended, it still left quite a high Hype. The question is whether Season 3 will be present as a complement to the story from the previous season?

The latest information update, TSE Entertainment officially announced that they are currently working on the continuation of the Dr. Stone season 3 anime project. But unfortunately, they haven’t said exactly when the release date of season 3 will be. But this is a good sign because fans are no longer curious about whether or not the next season will continue.

It is predicted that Season 3 will be ready to be released after 1 year or 12 months later from the time of the release of the last episode of Dr. Stone season 2. It is expected to be ready in April 2022. Of course, this has been a long time, so for those of you fans or loyal followers of this anime, please wait until the release time arrives!

Spoiler Anime Dr. Stone Season 3

Continuation of the story from the previous season tells the struggle of Senku and his friends to save humans from petrification. Later in Season 3 there will be lots of interesting events and of course very exciting to follow.

It is estimated that there will be a new character who will participate in making the Dr. Stone Season 3 Anime Storyline even cooler. Will Senku and the gang be able to defeat the Tsukasa Group and save many people from petrification?

Will Season 3 be as successful as the previous season? Let’s wait until the release time arrives. If there is an update on the latest information regarding the exact release date, we will update it here for you. So keep visiting Sidetek.me to get the latest information updates, okay!



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