12 Best Anime Recommendations 2019

Best Anime Recommendations 2019 – It doesn’t feel like soon we will part with 2019, we must admit this is a very good year for anime lovers because there are many very promising new titles and sequels from previous anime that have also appeared.

There  are always a number of anime that are very worth watching for each season and in a hectic schedule, I myself am almost overwhelmed by several titles every week (Especially for those of you who are also doing marathons for an anime)

Here are the Best Anime Recommendations 2019  that we got from various media.

1. Kimetsu no Yaiba – Demon Slayer

Best Anime 2019 - Kimetsu no Yaiba

Most people will definitely think this is a natural thing why this anime is on the list of Anime of the year. Kimetsu no Yaiba anime itself is very booming this year and has a very big impact, especially on the manga itself.

Because after the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime was released, manga sales increased drastically and managed to end the King’s Record, One Piece’s 11th consecutive year throne is something extraordinary! Nice Job Ufotable

2. Yakusoku no Neverland – The Promised Neverland

Best Anime 2019 - Yakusoku no Neverland

Tells the story of a group of orphaned children who live in Grace Field House, a large place surrounded by mysterious high walls. They have a nanny or rather a “guard” which they call a mother, these children live very well here.

Good food, comfortable beds, enough playtime and a life full of love. But behind it all they are just cattle that will be sold to the upper class monsters.
Grace Field’s true identity is shattered when Emma and Norman’s good intentions accidentally go to the gates to give their friend the doll they’re said to be about to adopt. from there they conspired to escape from the farm

The Promised Neverland is perfect for those who like the mystery genre, fantasy, the feel of horror is also quite good.

3. Dr. Stone

Best Anime 2019 - Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is one of the anime that I really look forward to in every episode.

Tells the story of the stone world after a mysterious disaster that turned all humans on earth to stone.

Stories set in the post-apocalypse world always excite us. daydream about what could be done in a world without governments and laws. But instead of living like a primitive human, senku decided to restore world civilization with science.

The science in this anime is not original and 90% you can apply to the real world.

Some people have expressed what senku has done and it really works!

The most popular was how Senku made his own cola with makeshift ingredients when many YouTubers imitated him.

Dr. Stone is highly recommended for those of you who like anti-mainstream anime.

4. Enen no Shouboutai – Fire Force

Best Anime 2019 - Enen no Shouboutai

Telling about talented firefighters who put out fires with fire, is amazing isn’t it?

Fire force is worth watching for those who like the Action genre, Supernatural, even though since episode 4 this anime has started to get a little naughty by adding “fanservice” cough, yes you know what it is, yes at first I thought this was good therapy after this continues happens it starts to feel boring and too much after all this is an Action anime right

Even so, Fire force has good graphics for an Action anime and the fight scenes also make me feel at home to watch, especially if you insert a little comedy and what makes the story interesting is who burned Shinra Kusakabe’s house and killed Shinra’s mother and found out that Sho’s sister was still alive. life

5. Karakai Jouzu Season II – Skilled Teaser Takagi-san Season 2

Best Anime 2019 - Karakai Jouzu Season

The continuation of the first season, still on the complicated relationship between Takagi and Nishikata where this Nishikata is extraordinarily insensitive because in his brain there is only how to reply and beat Takagi in any case, while Takagi always bully the Nishikata, spiced with comedy that tickling.

The story also doesn’t just focus on the two of them, in season 2, the silliness scene of Mina and her friends is also less

The duet of Seiyuu Takahashi Rie and Kaji Yuki is also very good so that it makes the atmosphere in the anime feel more alive.

6. Vinland Saga

Best Anime 2019 - Vinland Saga

Many fans of this anime in Indonesia are wondering why an anime as good as this is less popular in the country? Yes, I am also surprised even though the storyline and visuals presented are very decent

Tells the story of a boy named Thorfin who decides to join the Askeladd ship, the person who killed his father in front of his own eyes, with the aim of taking revenge by way of a true warrior-style duel. But instead it is used by Askeladd itself.

Maybe because this Anime is set in the past about history and there is no Fanservice and also the heroine, that’s right, you won’t find it at all even if it’s just for a split, along the journey of revenge

Thorfin will only be accompanied by Askeladd and his men and when I met a kawai char, it turned out to be trunk.

Behind it all Vinland Saga is a very male anime, of course it is very worth watching and you need to know this anime is quite popular in the west there

7. Mob Psycho 100 II – Mob Psycho 100

Best Anime 2019 - Mob Psycho 100 2

Season 2 of the Mob psycho 100 anime with stronger opponents and crazier enemies and slightly better graphics than the previous season.

One of the best Action Comedy anime I’ve ever watched with a light story but still fun to follow every time the episode, especially in season 2, the conflict is more complex

Will there be someone who can make Shigeo go out of control beyond his limits? please watch for those who haven’t

8. Dororo

Best Anime 2019 - Dororo

The anime, which was adapted from the manga created by Osamu Tezuka, is actually a recycled version of the Dororo anime that aired in 1969, surely you weren’t born at that time and neither was I.

Even though the title is Dororo but Dororo is not the main character in this anime but Hyakkimaru

At the beginning of the story, Hyakkimaru was born without arms, legs, and any organs. In order to live like a human, almost all parts of his body are supported by prosthetic limbs, even though his sight, hearing, sense of smell, and taste cannot be used.

To be able to get his organs that have been dedicated to the demons, Hyakkimaru must kill all demons that take all his organs one by one

9. Boku no Academia 4 – My Hero Academia 4

Best Anime 2019 - Boku no Academia 4

Ending its 3rd season with an epic when All Might does his last duty with a deadly fight and ends by pointing at Midoriya

With All Might’s retirement, what will happen to the martial world after losing their symbol of peace? And with Midoriya’s burden, can he prove that he is worthy of one for all and become the successor of the symbol of peace? Especially after knowing that Togata is the one who should be the successor and receive one for all

Coupled with the emergence of a new villain and the feud between 2 villains, Season 4 of Boku no hero academia will probably present a crazier battle than the previous season 2.

10. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari – The Rising of the Shield Hero

Best Anime 2019 - Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Even though the Isekai genre is getting boring lately because it’s almost every season and the story fails to meet the audience’s expectations because the stories that are presented seem to have decreased from season to season, I don’t feel that way with Tate no Yuusha which comes with the genre. the same one.

Initially, the story went the same as the Isekai anime in general where the main shop was suddenly moved to another world that they didn’t know about at all but after arriving there it turned out that he was not alone because there were 3 other people with him and they were shown as heroes to protect countries and kingdoms there, but unfortunately this main shop named Naofumi turns out to be a shield hero who incidentally is a hero who is considered to have a bad image and is hated by many people.

When the royal soldiers were told to choose to join from the 4 heroes, none of those people wanted to choose this shield hero, but fortunately, there was one bitch eh, that is the girl who wants to join and support this Naofumi, and when that he felt very grateful to the girl until he found out that he was tricked by the woman, he was accused of trying to rape the woman and even worse it turned out that she was a daughter of the king

Since then the image of this one hero is getting worse, the whole kingdom and residents hate it, including the hero’s friends

Naofumi feels very angry and begins to hold a grudge against the kingdom,

From here you will see how Naofumi’s character changes from being cheerful and jones to being very strict and no longer trust others.

11. Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – II. Lost Butterfly

Best Anime 2019 - Fate Stay night Heaven’s Feel – II Lost Butterfly

Is the second film in Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy, this time it presents a lot of romantic drama relationships, especially the love relationship between Shirou and Sakura.

The fight scene between servants is also very beautiful and spoils the eyes.

This Anime Movie is a pity to miss because the scenes in this anime, especially Shirou x Sakura are very wow.

12. Tenki no Ko – Weathering with You

Best Anime 2019 - Tenki no Ko Weathering with You

After the success of Kimi no Na Wa in the last few years, now Makoto Shinkai presents his latest work entitled Tenki no Ko or called Weathering with You in the hope of following in the footsteps of his predecessors.

A young boy from a remote village in Shikoku, who left home and decided to live in Tokyo. On his way when he was hungry and met with Amano Hina (Nana Mori) at a fast-food restaurant.

After getting to know him closely, Hina reveals that she has the ability to control the weather, precisely to remove rain and restore sunlight. Before long, Hodaka saw this as an opportunity and used Hina’s ability to make money as a rain charmer. However, the dream turned out to be not as beautiful as reality.

With a compelling story and visuals, this anime deserves to be one of the anime to be reckoned with in 2019.

It should be noted that the serial number above is just a number, not sorted by which one is the best or based on rating,

That’s the best 2019 anime recommendation from Sidetek.me, the name of the favorite anime in 2019 that is included in the list above?


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