Anime Number 24 Season 2 Release Date Discussion

Anime Number 24 Season 2 Release Date Discussion

Anime Number 24 Season 2 is still the anime that is waiting for its presence in several anime forums on the internet.

This anime has a sports genre or sports, to be precise, rugby in the university team and has a student as the main character.

The student named Natsuha Yuzuki is a great player and even became the ace of his rugby team.

However, under some circumstances, he was forced to not be able to play rugby anymore and the plot of this anime began to be exciting.

When is the release date of Anime Number 24 Season 2?

Number 24 Season 2 Anime

Number 24 Season 2 Anime

This anime will present how the struggle of a Natsuha does not want to be separated from the sport that she really likes.

For the studio that produced anime Number 24, the first season is a Japanese studio called studio PRA.

And until now, the studio has not provided any more information about Number 24 Season 2.

This anime has quite a lot of fans, especially those who like rugby and also like anime with the sports genre.

number2r was first released in 2020 yesterday, precisely in January, and has a total of 12 episodes.

This anime aired for 4 months and the last episode aired in April of the same year.

There are many producers who produce this anime, namely Movic, magic capsule, mine corporation, Tokyo MX and the last one is It’s.

As for the scriptwriting and also the composition of the story by Rika Nakase and also Shigeru Kimiya.

Until now, there has been no information either from the studio or staff of the Number 24 Season 2 anime.

As for the fans of this anime, it seems that they are still considering whether there will be a second session or not.

We as fans of this game can only hope and also hope that season 2 of the Number 24 anime will be worked on soon.

What is the score for Anime Number 24 Season 2?

As for the score obtained from the anime, if you look at the My Anime List, which is 6.75, this score can be said to be enough for a sports anime genre.

With this score, the production side is still thinking about whether or not there will be a second season because it can be said that the feasibility is lacking.

as for the story, you don’t need to worry because this anime has manga and novels that you can bring if you’re curious about season 2

While waiting for the second season to be made, we suggest that for now, we can make the manga first so that we know the storyline later.

Or for those of you who haven’t watched the first season, you can watch it on several anime portals on the internet before reading the manga.

The final word

So, that was the explanation regarding the Number 24 Season 2 Release Date that Sidetek discussed. Hopefully useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. Keep visiting to get more interesting information updates!



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